Reflexology is an ancient healing practice that uses pressure points in the feet and hands to promote healing in the organs and tissues of the body.

Reflexology is a popular alternative to modern medicine because of the high level of safety and success rate. Reflexology is a natural treatment for pain and dysfunction, in comparison to taxing the body with drugs in some form. Reflexology can be an effective method in relieving the root cause of an issue, in turn, possibly alleviating comorbidities associated with the issue.

Some of the reasons people choose to use reflexology include:

  • Drug free, chemical free alternative to medicine
  • Stimulates endorphins in the body to promote pain-relief
  • Can alleviate localized and chronic pain
  • The treatments promote relaxation and are soothing to the feet and hands
  • Targets symptoms of PMS, Sinusitis, migraines, Type II Diabetes
  • Promotes heart health by reducing sensitivity to baroreceptors in the body

Sessions available for children and adults.