Meet Our Team


Randi Weist

Randi began her journey into homeopathic healing when she herself struggled with a chronic illness, symptoms and pain that traditional medicinal treatments failed to alleviate.

As Randi herself puts it, “My eyes were opened to the fact that each of us is different when it comes to health and healing. I struggled to find solutions, and during that time I realized there are many other people like me out there who don’t fit the traditional health care model for treatment. So I educated myself, and combined with my personal process of explorations and growth, have developed a program designed for people with puzzling health issues that need guidance in alternative healthcare options. She believes that the body was created to heal itself. With that vision in mind, Chambers’ Wellness Center has become a place where anyone with troubling health issues can come and meet a person like myself who truly believed they could be helped back to a healthier life. ”

Randi is not only highly educated in natural health and nutrition, she has also been a licensed massage therapist for over 16 years. In addition to the wonderful services she has brought to Chambers’ Wellness Center, she also does all of the lymphatic massages and aroma touch technique services.

In her spare time, Randi enjoys hunting, fishing and spending time with her family at Raystown. She also loves playing volleyball.

Don’t take our word for it, read some of our patient testimonials to get an idea of how Randi can help you take back your life.

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Kendra Burkholder
•Certified Emotion Code Practitioner
•Wellness Support Specialist

Kendra’s background is in sociology, philosophy, and teaching. It was not until her family was diagnosed with what was labeled a “chronic disease” that she learned the reality of being created as three part beings: body, soul, and spirit.  Even as doctors treated the body, she found that her family would not be completely healed and able to stay healthy until the other two-thirds were addressed. Through this journey of being healed, she learned to incorporate holistic health as part of her family’s lifestyle. She uses that same passion to utilize her education background and holistic heath wisdom to help people achieve healthy, abundant lives.

Selena Mellott
•Massage Therapist
•Wellness Support Specialist

Selena has been at the Wellness Center since the beginning of October 2017 and serves as a Wellness Support Specialists. She has a special way of making each individual feel loved and well taken care of. Selena is currently in school to become a licensed massage therapist. She will start seeing massage clients upon her graduation in March 2018.

Amanda Baer
Wellness Support Specialist

Amanda has been with the Wellness Center since day one. She has worked in the holistic health field for a number of years. Amanda started on this journey with her sister, Randi Lee, many years ago and enjoys being able to help people achieve their health goals! She loves watching lives transform by the various tools of natural healing! She is a doTERRA wellness advocate and takes great pride in being able to educate our clients on oils. Amanda is the mom of two great kids and enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She also enjoys gardening, the outdoors and making all natural products!

Lauren Gipe
Wellness Support Specialist

Lauren is one of our Wellness Support Specialists here at Chambers’ Wellness Center. She has been with us since August of 2017. One of Lauren’s special gifts is that of service. Lauren has huge heart and passion for people and wellness. She has personally been working with essential oil since 2012. She is in the process of getting trained in essential oils and being able to assist clients with health questions. In her spare time she enjoys being a new mom and spending time with her family.