Importance of Herbal Medicine in the Modern Pharmacy

Importance of Herbal Medicine in Modern Pharmacy

Herbal Medicine is known as the medicinal use of herbal substances as a means of treating different conditions in the human body to ensure that the body remains in optimal health and wellness. These substances are known to contain very active ingredients in it and as such is also a very potent means of managing diseases and ailments in the body.

Herbal medicine has always been a standby source of getting relief from various conditions over centuries, however, it can be categorically said that the mode of usage of these herbal substances has changed over time. Traditional healers help individuals to make meaning out of the natural herbs seen around that can be useful to one’s health. That being said, they have an edge over most modern-day health practitioners; particularly the pharmacists in terms of this knowledge.

Contrast Between Herbal Medicine And Modern Medicine

Most times, individuals think that because these substances are used in their natural forms, it makes them less potent and cannot be used in their correct needed dosages. Traditional practitioners have however argued this, based on the fact that these herbs have more effect when used in their whole form rather than when their ingredients are isolated. 

Due to the fact that these herbal substances are oftentimes used in its whole form, it is sometimes more potent and less dangerous than the scientifically produced drugs which most often contains just a specific active ingredient which works for a specific function in the body. 

A classic example of this is the extraction and use of aspirin; aspirin which is gotten from salicylic acid found in the plant ‘meadowsweet’ can have an adverse effect of bleeding of the abdomen lining. This side effect is however not present if the meadowsweet plant is used directly in its herbal form. 

Medicinal Use Of Specific Herbs

There are a lot of herbal substances that have shown over the years to be very beneficial in its effect after use in individuals. These herbs act in various systems of the body to perform various functions in the body. The body also sometimes makes use of natural herbs for energy production boost a lot of times. 

Examples of herbs that can be used to attain wellness in the body’s health state are;

Garlic: This is a very popular type of herbal substance which is widely used among people. Its inherent properties, specifically its antiviral and antibiotic properties are quite useful in the effective management of cold and different forms of respiratory infections in people. Use of garlic has also been reported to be quite effective in the reduction of blood fats and cholesterol level thereby drastically reducing an individual risk of developing heart disease. 

Ginseng: This is another very popular type of herbal substance that is used a lot by people, especially by people in the Asian part of the world. Use of this herb has been closely associated with a reduction in the level of blood cholesterol and also as an effective means of relieving fatigue in individuals. Ginseng has however also been closely associated with an increase in blood pressure, meaning extreme care must be taken while using. 

Dang gui: This herb is a known effective mode of managing a number of gynaecological symptoms such as the syndrome of symptoms that comes with the premenopausal and menopausal stage in women. 

Echinacea: This is a very effective herb in boosting an individual’s immune system. As such, it is not uncommon to see the use of this herb in instances of boils, fever and also in cases of infection in the body. 

Ginger: The use of ginger has been quite effective in the reduction of nausea in individuals, this makes it very useful in cases of morning sickness and motion sickness. Ginger tea is rich in vitamins and it is one of the best daily natural self care items.


Adverse Effects of Herbal Medicine

It is not uncommon to see instances of side effects after the intake of herbal substances. These negative effects range from symptoms such as vomiting, rashes, and diarrhea. They can also range from mild to severe presentations in the body.

Use of these substances at times also interfere with the effect of medical drugs being used by the same individual, sometimes making it less potent than it is. As such, it is very important that herbal substances, irrespective of the kind are used with a consultation with your physician. 


There has been a rise in the threat of extinction of most of these natural herbal substances, as such, it is therefore of very high importance that modern-day scientists and health practitioners get as much information as possible on these substances and their specific usefulness before vital information about them are forgotten or lost.

Having established the fact that the use of herbal medicine in modern-day pharmacy is very important and also potent, the use of these herbal medicines should, therefore, be with extreme caution so it doesn’t adversely affect the body or even other types of medication being used. 

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