Why You Should Meditate

What is Meditation?

To put it simply, meditation is a proven exercise for your brain. It’s almost like taking your brain to the gym. Who out there would like to be better at life? Be more mindful, increase creativity, become more positive, have a stronger immune system, feel less stress and increase your sex drive? We all would! We all want the opportunity to be better at life.

Besides, our daily life isn’t meant to be mediocre. We are meant for greatness and we are born to operate at our highest potential. Meditation will help build awareness of your thoughts, emotions/feelings, and body sensations. It does this with consistent training of your brain. Our brains can wander or experience something we refer to as “monkey brain.”

Meditation pulls you out of these patterns by giving your monkey brain a specific task like focusing on breathe and a mantra. What is a mantra? It can be broken down into two parts “man” which means mind, “tra” means vehicle. Mantra means mind vehicle, or think of it as an anchor for your mind to keep you in the meditation. Your mantra will be your mind anchor to keep you attached to the bliss-filled zone.

The meditation you will learn with Randi teaches you how to utilize mindfulness, meditation and manifesting. She will teach you to work with breath, which strengthens the vagus nerve in the body. She will teach you how to heighten your senses and come into full awareness of your body, and how to use the mantra to be in alpha brain wave state.

Meditation is equivalent to a two hour nap. It’s a deep restorative rest that is proven to help relieve painful migraines by 80%. It relieves stress and lowers cortisol levels. Stress makes you tired and sick. Think of meditation equivalent to brushing your teeth, you wouldn’t leave the house without doing it. It’s that important, and for most people it’s life changing. The best part is, meditation is free, it’s powerful, can be practiced by anyone and is extremely beneficial!

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